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About Us

What we are about:

CAPITAL TALENT will provide you with a true recruitment solution by adhering to one basic principle:  “understanding exactly what your needs are and servicing you with candidates that have the same vision and the right skills to achieve your goals”.

In order to successfully understand your needs, CAPITAL TALENT will work closely with you to understand your mission, vision and values, and what makes your organization unique and successful.  We analyze your manager’s technical and functional requirements and through open and continuous dialogue, develop a “fit” of what characteristics your ideal staff should have.  This unique approach to developing a “fit” goes beyond required experience and technical skills; it is dependent on the communication capability, personality, and mind-set of the potential employee.

How we do it:

We also acquire over 80% of our candidates through targeted headhunting campaigns.  We find out who is successful in current positions, what their current responsibilities are, match them with your requirements, and then approach them.  Once interest is gained, we investigate each candidate’s background through a thorough interview possess that explores their experience, education, level of technical competency and personal and professional goals.  We then establish whether or not the candidate “fits” your company.  References are discreetly checked for every applicant.  Only when we are satisfied that a candidate’s qualifications match your requirements will we recommend that person for an interview.

Most Recent Deals:


1. Head of Credit Derivatives JHB
2. Equity Derivatives Marketer Cape Town
3. CFD Trader JHB
4. Equity Analyst – Mining JHB
5. Equity Analyst – Retail Clients JHB
6. Fixed Income Derivatives Marketer JHB
7. Head of Investment Banking Mozambique Maputo
8. ETF/Derivatives Marketer JHB
9. Senior Corporate Financier JHB
10. FX Marketer JHB
11. Head of Corporate and Investment Banking Namibia Windhoek


Most recent deals in the Primary MarketsPractice, namely:

1. Head of Investment Banking – PRC Shanghai
2. Director – M & A Tokyo
3. 4 X Associates – Generalists – M&A, FIG, Utilities, TMT etc Hong Kong

Most recent deals in the Capital MarketsPractice:

1. Head of Equity Derivatives Trading Tokyo
2. Senior Single Stocks Trader Volatility Desk Hong Kong
3. Convertible Bond Trader Hong Kong
4. Head of Equity Derivatives Sales Tokyo
5. Senior Equity Derivatives Marketer PB focus Hong Kong
6. Senior Equity Derivatives Marketer Hedge Funds London
7. Senior Equity Derivatives Marketer Tokyo
8. Senior Equity Derivatives Marketer – Corporate Sales (Taiwan) Hong Kong
9. Senior Warrants Marketer Hong Kong
10. Hedge Fund Analyst Singapore
11. Senior Equity Derivatives Quantitative Analyst Tokyo
12. Equity Derivatives Marketer – Retail Clients Hong Kong
13. Head of Fixed Income Derivatives Trading Tokyo

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” Jack Welch